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Fortuna-IVF Workstation

IVF workstation range designed to work in assisted conception processes and procedures, offering superior HEPA filtered (99.9999% efficiency for a 0.3 μm particle) grade A air
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▷ Even curtain of non turbulent laminar air flow over the samples being viewed.

▷ Work area constructed with (2mm) surgical stainless steel, <46 dBA noise level and optional VOC filters.

▷ Electrical or water heating systems: distribute an even stable temperature to an accuracy of ± 0.5 °C across the work area.

▷ Humidification systems both over and under the tabletop: allow full flexibility for short-term incubation.

▷ Built in microscopes, and light sources units are available

▷ Electronic control enabling auto start and shut down functions of the air flow and temperature as well as other built in features.

▷ External data output via USB

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