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Anti Vibration Table

Designed to be used with large inverted microscopes during ICSI procedures.
▷ Exclusively designed for IVF and ICSI procedures

▷ Constructed in high density steel: adding mass to the table.

▷ Microscope passively damped: which is placed on a platform that is isolated from the rest of the table plate

▷ Micromanipulation equipment placed next to themicroscope: vibrations from handling the micromanipulator do not transfer to the microscope

▷ Use of Vitek’s Vibration Isolation Bearings: the isolation bearings are mechanical, passive devices that dampen the transmission of vibration

▷ Advantages: do not require air hoses tubes, maintenance or supporting hardware. The bearings utilise a propriety combination of two non-linear springs, a horizontal spring filter and a vertical spring filter.

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