태경 메드랩은 생명과학장비와 소모품, 시약 전문회사 입니다.
태경 메드랩은 생명과학장비와 소모품, 시약 전문회사 입니다.


Pneumatic microinjector model:[PNJ-T2]

● Precise manual injector for micromanipulation
A large plunger knob that is extremely light to the touch means that you can operate the HDJ-M3 with a single digit.
● Excellent sensitivity, controllability and reliability
Airtight, with luer connector and O-ring means that you can expect leakage-free microinjection.
● Compact body
Its flexible layout accommodates multiple connector configurations.
● System PMM-150HJ (PMM-150FU with HDJ-M3)
HDJ-M3 is compatible with other models in the PMM Series, including the PMM-150FU Piezo impact drive unit.


Manual injector HDJ-M3 is the manual type of the water or oil hydraulic pressure use injector.
HDJ-M3 will allow you to inject spermatozoa, DNA and/or other solutions into somatic cells, unfertilized eggs or embryos. Manual operation with HDJ-M3 allows maximum sensitivity and optimized performance during micromanipulation.






Manual injector [HDJ-M3]

Syringe volume: 1.9ml
Screw sending pitch: 0.05mm
Screw sending stroke: 20mm

70 (W) x 182.5 (D) x 90 (H) mm; weight approx. 0.88kg

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