태경 메드랩은 생명과학장비와 소모품, 시약 전문회사 입니다.
태경 메드랩은 생명과학장비와 소모품, 시약 전문회사 입니다.



SpermWash® is composed of Earle’s balanced salt solution (EBSS) including HSA, pyruvate, Hepes, Phenol red, sodiumbicarbonate and Gentamicin (10μg/ml).

Quality Control
pH: 7.4 ± 0.2
Osmolality: 285± 10 mOsm/kg
Endotoxin: < 0.1 EU/ml
Sterility: SAL 10-3
Sperm Survival Test

Shelf Life

18 months from production date. Store refrigerated (2º - 8º C). Avoid freezing and exposure to light.


SpermWash® is manufactured under sterile conditions and sterility is ensured by testing each batch. Sterility tests verify the absence of viable microorganisms (bacteria, yeast and fungi).


SpermWash® is supplied sterile filtered in pharmaceutical grade borosilicate glass bottles with Teflon-coated rubber stoppers and tamper proof seals. 



★Product number Description★  

● SPW-0050 50 ml bottle.

● SPW-0100 100 ml bottle.

● SPW-250 250 ml bottle. 

●SWCULTURA A small multi-purpose incubator for the modern laboratory. Especially for incubation of media and for "swim-up" preparation. Temperature from 25 - 45° C. Accuracy +/- 1° C. No CO2 supply. External dimensions: 310 x 155 x 168 mm. Internal dimensions: 220 x 120 x 150 mm. Weight: 1.1 kg. 230 Volt.

●SPWKIT3 Box of three single SpermWash-kits for intra ampoule IUI-"swim-up"-preparations. No CO2 and no centrifugation. 2 minutes hands on preparation time. Easy and safe. See FAQs for semen preparation.



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