태경 메드랩은 생명과학장비와 소모품, 시약 전문회사 입니다.
태경 메드랩은 생명과학장비와 소모품, 시약 전문회사 입니다.



Quality Control
pH: 7.4 ± 0.2
Osmolality: 290 ± 10 mOsm/kg
Endotoxin: < 0.1 ng/ml (<1 EU/ml)
Sterility: SAL 10-3
Sperm Survival Test

SpermFilter® 100% and 40% & 80 are density gradients used in ART for separation and purification of highly motile human spermatozoa.

Shelf Life

18 months for 40% and 80% and 24 months for 100% from production date when stored refrigerated (2° - 8º C). After opening, use aseptic working procedures. Avoid freezing.


The medium is sterilized by filtration and sterility is ensured by testing each batch. Sterility tests verify the absence of viable micro-organism (bacteria, yeast and fungi).


SpermFilter® is supplied in pharmaceutical grade borosilicate glass bottles with Teflon-coated rubber stoppers and tamper proof seals.

Precautions and warnings

Do not use if the seal on the bottle is broken or open when the product is delivered.
Do not use if the product shows signs of bacterial contamination or has changed colour.
Always work under hygienic conditions (LAF-bench) to avoid possible contamination.
A material safety data sheet is available from the distributor or on the manufacturer’s website.
Check for regulatory compliance concerning the use of ART products in your country.
Traceabillity must be maintained.
After opening the container, do not use the product longer than 7 days.



★Product number Description★

● SPF-0050 100%:  SpermFilter stock solution 50 ml

● SPF-0100 100%: SpermFilter stock solution 100 ml

● SPFG40-0010 40%: SpermFilter Ready-to-use gradient 10 ml 

● SPFG40-0050 40%: SpermFilter Ready-to-use gradient 50 ml 

● SPFG40-0100 40%: SpermFilter Ready-to-use gradient 100 ml

● SPFG80-0010 80%: SpermFilter Ready-to-use gradient 10 ml

● SPFG80-0050 80%: SpermFilter Ready-to-use gradient 50 ml 

● SPFG80-0100 80%: SpermFilter Ready-to-use gradient 100 ml 


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