태경 메드랩은 생명과학장비와 소모품, 시약 전문회사 입니다.
태경 메드랩은 생명과학장비와 소모품, 시약 전문회사 입니다.


New generation PMM

●Gentel force
●Compact and easy to handle
●Color touch screen dispaly
●3 modes: Standard, Piezo-ICSI, Expert
●Compatible with PMM-150HJ/FU
●Attachable to any manipulator
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Drive unit "MB-D"

The New MB-D drive unit easily mounts to the manipulator and has greater durability and performance.
PMM4G enables the injection to be performed more gently through improvements to the drive unit.


TS-1 Interface module

PMM4G touch screen interface displays the various "mode"choices and settings.
PMM4G is a product that has been developed in response to Growth, knowledge and understanding of many applications. It is user friendly to both the beginner and the expert.
Compact TS-1 arranges easily nearby, and has functioning as the power on/off switch.


PMM4G controller "PMAS-CT4G"

The PMAS-CT4G controller was miniaturized from PMAS-CT150. It is compatible with the operating box "OP-15" for PMM-150HJ/FU. In addition, it has the power saving functioning.

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